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Why we choose ancient tea trees?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

My home town is Yunnan, China. That’s the birth place of TEA in the world and the oldest tea tree are over 3200 years old. Deep in southern of Yunnan, there is a beautiful Autonomous Prefecture called Xishuangbanna Dai which carry rich culture and natural beauty. Most ancient tea trees are growing in Lincang and Puer districts. Here is ancient tea tree mountains geography.

We climbed tea mountains around Puer in 2017. We record how big ancient tea trees are and how to make Pu-erh tea. It is such an amazing gift from nature.

Why we choose ancient tea to our tea lovers.

1.Pesticides Free

2.Roots grow deeper and stronger They are not blended with other tea.

3.They grow in an environment where they can absorb much more nutrients from the soil, thus supplying your body with more essential elements

4. They have much more complex taste and flavor than any other tea and can be brew many times than commercially grown yea. Your tea purchase is an investment that will last you a good long time.

5. They can be stored for long periods of time and like stocks can go up in value over time.

Tea Tell Truth signature raw Pu-erh tea cakes: Jingmai and Bingdao

ripe Pu-erh tea cake: Hekai

Jing Mai mountains ancient tea trees are about 1300 years and Bing Dao mountains and He Kai mountains ancient tea trees are about 600 years in Yunnan, China.

The climate is warm and moist. Since these ancestor tea trees are wild and they fight for many challenges by themselves thousands of years. That is why ancient Pu-erh Tea is more valuable than bush tea.

The fermentation makes tea more unique and have a lot health benefits. The flavor and color will change year by year. Is that amazing? We would love to say it is a living tea. Hope you take your time and find out the superficial glamour.

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