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Welcome  To Our Community 

About Tea Sistars 🌟 

In this ritual, a tea sistar 🌟is born,

Bound by the love for tea, a bond unworn.

Gathered around a table, hearts intertwined,

Sharing stories and laughter, leaving no one behind.💞🙏


🍃The teacups clink, a symphony of delight,

Echoing the friendships, ever shining bright.

Different backgrounds, yet united we stand,

Embracing diversity, hand in hand.


Through tea, we learn the art of being present,

Savoring each moment, a gift heaven-sent.

In the simple act of sipping, we find grace,

A reminder to slow down, to embrace life's pace.


Tea sisterhood, a refuge from the storm,

A sanctuary of solace, where hearts transform.

We lift each other up, like steeping tea leaves,

Infusing strength and support, as friendship weaves.👯‍♀️

Choose your memberships

  • Tea Sistars 🌟 Membership

    Every 3 months
    Healing, Supporting, Inspiring
    • 2 Tea Sistars gatherings a month. Online / in person.
    • 1 Qi gong, Tibetan yoga or special class once a month
    • Spiritual and healing explorations/Yijing Reading
    • 10% off for all your orders
  • Qigong Classes

    Every month
    Cultivate your energies and start your well-being journey
    • 4 classes per month
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