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The birthplace of Tea & it's Traditions


Rooted in Yunnan, the birthplace of tea and its timeless traditions, we work directly with organic tea farmers and skilled tea masters to provide you with the highest quality handcrafted teas.


Making an authentic  tea-drinking experience accessible all while supporting the artisanal production and farmers of Yunnan, our hometown.

Our passion is to share the rich tapestry of tea—its knowledge, history, culture, and health benefits—while ensuring rare, organic loose-leaf tea is accessible to all.

We offer more than just tea, with our efforts reaching into various wellness and educational opportunities through traditional tea ceremonies and various event offerings we hope to provide a tea tasting experience that connects you with our birthplace and the living tea it produces.



Jia Li is originally from Yunnan, a mountainous region in China where tea originated and it was here that her love affair with tea began. After completing a medical doctorate and residency in China, Jia moved to Massachusetts where she worked as a research assistant for almost a decade at UMass Chan Medical School. It was during this time that she transitioned her career back to her tea roots, following in her Mother’s footsteps and she founded Tea Tell Truth in 2018.


Since then, she has been passionate about sharing the ancient tea culture from which she was raised with others, pairing it with her unique medical knowledge and background. Jia believes in tea's unique ability to bring people together and spends much of her time connecting with her community, sharing tea at farmers markets, wellness centers, spiritual communities, and beyond connecting people with the healing possibilities of tea. Jia also travels extensively, supporting farmers in China to achieve better lives. 


In today’s fast-paced modern society, she believes that spending a few minutes to sit and brew loose tea leaves can help people connect with a sense of peace through this simple accessible practice. She believes that tea is unlike any beverage in its profound effects on both mental and physical health.

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