Brew Puerh Tea (and 6 kinds of tea)

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Some tea lovers have told me that Puerh Tea is very intense and strong and they are little afraid to drink it. After, I ask them how they brewed it. I find out why it became intense and strong.

The way to brew Puerh Tea is an art. It is simple, but you need to have focus and patience. I call it TEA MINDFULNESS.

I shared one sweet analogy to my friend who told me that the tea was too bitter and grassy. This was because he left the tea in the water for 2 mins too long. The analogy is: Puerh tea is like your lover, he/she needs your attention. If you don't care, he/she will give you a bitter flavor. On the contrary, when we treat them nicely, they show their best moment to you.

There are only 4 points that you need to pay attention to (only for TEA TELL TRUTH Puerh Tea products):

water temperature: Boiling water 100C /212F

Certain amount of tea 6-8g

water: to 100 ml water

time: 5 s to 10 s for 1st -6th brew, then add on a little time after 6th brew

7 g tea can be brewed more than 12-16 times.

You can keep the brewed tea in your clay tea pot or in the refrigerator if you still have more steeps.

Different puerh teas have different "personalities". Also, different people have different taste buds. Some love it stronger, some love it lighter. After a few brews, I believe that you will find your best way to enjoy it.

There are 6 kinds of tea in the world. They are all from same plant Cameliia Sinensis:

How to brew 6 kinds of tea? (temperature are on the picture)

6g Green tea or Yellow tea can do 2 infusions in 100 ml water with Tea Mindfulness Brewing (gong fu brewing in the video).

6g Oolong and Black tea can be brew 6 infusions in 100 ml water with Tea Mindfulness Brewing.

6g Puerh and White tea can be brew more than 10 times in 100 ml water with Tea Mindfulness Brewing.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you brew tea. In my appoint , you are the boss when you brew your own tea. You can try different brewing time with the RIGHT temperature. You prefer strong flavor, you could brew few more seconds. If you prefer lighter, you can reduce the brewing time.

Hope you enjoy this little experiment and mindfulness time. You can create your own perfect tea.

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