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A Drinkable Antique Tea Party on 4/1

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

It was a snowy day last weekend and we were so grateful that we had tea and friends with us.

We shared that Tea is not only a beverage but also the art of life.

Tea could be a visual art when you are designing a tea table or watching tea leaves dancing in the tea cups.

Tea could be an aromatherapy. The aroma of dry tea leaves or freshly brewed tea water.

The sound of tea is therapeutic. When the tea is pouring out of a Gaiwan or Tea Pot. A peaceful mind will allow you to listen to the sounds of nature and the depth of your heart.

Tea has complex varieties of flavor when you are tasting different teas or even at varying times of brewing. If you become a tea expert, you will be able to taste the mountains, soil and climates that the tea grew up in.

Tea could be a bridge between people, family and friends or to yourself. Because of you we had a cozy and memorable day.

We will have another tea event soon!

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