1 teapot

1 Gong Dao Cup

4 cups

and 1 vase

Lin’s black enameled sand—Yashao

The sand brewing teapot and Gai Wan have the function of softening and purifying water. Therefore, the black sand is the only choice by traditional Chinese medicine for decocting. The sand brewing teapot is suitable for semi-fermented tea, especially with Puerh, black tea and white tea. As its characteristics of multi-pore for fragrance suction, pure natural plant ash glaze is used to enable the sand to control the pores from less glaze, which brings persistent aroma.


Yashao style tea cups comes form the bronze, jade elements from the ancient times before Qin and Han Dynasties, which accepts the ancient concept but not rigidly adheres to the ancient idea, the aesthetic design brings every traditional essence to tea lovers. The idea of ‘non type design, traceless decoration” is respected by Yashao design team, just like human life, calmness and elegance come after impulsion. Different people and different time present a myriad of beauty. 


Lin’s black enameled sand—Yashao

The black sand teapot also has the unique pug formula and numerous small pores after high temperature , when boiling tea, it will produce very rich oxygen atoms, turning into small molecule water. Because of this reason, the tea will taste very soft and mellow, which minimized reducing the jerky taste of tea, making the Puerh raw tea have a pleasant sweet taste. The sand enameled teapot is especially suitable for cooking white tea, black tea, Puerh tea and other semi-fermented cooked, fermented tea.

Yashao Black Sand Tea Sets


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