Tea Tell Truth find these 7+ years aged white tea.

As we know, white tea is another signiture naturally fermented tea with nice flowers fragrance. 

1 year old white tea is Tea,

3 years old white tea is great medicine

7 years old white tea is treasure 


Hope you take your time and find out it superficial glamor.

One ball can brew over 15 times. Please brew with bioling water. 100ml/ball

1st brew, 10s (the dragon ball need some time to wake up).

2nd brew to 5th brew, 5s

after 6th brew, can add on 5s after every brew.


P.S.If you want to have tea ceremony and to know how to brew this tea or store the tea cake with the right way, please contact us. We would love to come over and tell the whole story to you.

2012 Shou Mei (4 tea balls)


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