Simple way to Brew Puerh Tea with Three Basic Household Items

Teapot (100ml), Gai Wan and (New) French press

How to brew puerh tea?

  1. Begin boiling water  (100°C or 212°F)  

  2. Put certain mount of tea in tea ware

  3. Rinse the puerh tea with boiling water and pour off the water from the rinse. The reason is that Puerh tea is fermented and compressed for years. A rinse with boiling water will help to “wake up” the leaves and loosen them from their compressed state.  

  4. Steep puerh tea with boiling water. Different tea cake has different “personality”. Because they from different mountains and areas, just like fine wine. Most of them are from more than 600 years old tea trees. They are great quality and carry a lot healthy elements. So they can be brewed over 10 times. But no worries, Tea Tell Truth choose some similar personality tea cake for you and make it easy.

  5. Enjoy the changing between each brew. There is no right or wrong way for brewing tea. It’s better to have filter or strainer, if you mind some small pieces in your tea.

  6. How to keep puerh tea, if you don’t finish the 10th steep?   It’s OK to keep puerh tea in the tea ware over night in your refrigerator. 

  7. What could you do with tea leaves after 10 steep?High quality tea leaves have a lot health benefits, like Reduces puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles, Soothes sunburns, reduce acne infection and good for your plants.

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