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Hello there! My name is Jia. My love affair with tea began when I was a little child growing up in the mountainous region of Yunnan in China, where tea originated.

I moved to Massachusetts in 2010 and since then, have been trying to spread my ancient tea culture all throughout the world. Right now we have located the paradise place, West Palm Beach, Florida. In today’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, I believe that spending a few minutes to brew loose tea leaves will help you connect with your inner self. Tea is unlike any beverage since it has positive effects on one’s mental and physical health.

Specifically, my focus is on ‘Puerh’ Tea, which is a high-quality tea from my hometown. What makes this tea so unique is that it is produced by fermentation of the tea leaves, which tremendously improves its benefits. I would love to tell you more Puerh since I believe it is truly a ‘drinkable antique’. Please feel free to look at my website and get in touch with me, I promise you will not be disappointed!


Harmony Peaceful Healthy

Our desire is to share a new way of tea life with you!

Tea has a very long and humble history. Some Pu-erh teas are produced from ANCESTOR trees those are thousands of years old! Once harvested, as Pu-erh tea ages, the flavors change and become more complex. It is as if they are a drinkable ANTIQUE.

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