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Our tea is hand-picked from Ancient Tea Trees in Yunnan, China where tea had its origins thousands of years ago. We focus on every detail when we produce our products.

We are based in Massachusetts, the center of American history, education, and spirit. Tea Tell Truth's family and partners are located in Yunnan, China. Southwestern Yunnan is an untouched natural enviroment full of tea masters and tea trees those are hundreds, even thousands of years old. These tea trees in Yunnan are the original ancestors of tea trees around the world. We believe tea is mother nature's greatest gifts.

Ancient Tea Trees are precious, they only produce limited per year and they are all Pesticides Free.

In the early mornings, tea masters hike for miles in the forest to find the tea trees, and climb the branches to pick the year's fresh tea buds. Each day becomes an incredible journey! Tea masters' unwavering discipline leads them to climb amongst the trees day-after-day searching.

It takes around 1 week on average to produce a Raw Puerh Tea Cake and 2 months to produce a Fermented Ripe Puerh Tea Cake. Unlike other kinds of tea, Puerh Tea needs time to become post-fermented. The tea's flavor enhances as it ages over years, and contains many health benefits. There have been more than 8oo Science papers published about Puerh Tea in the past 2 years.

We believe every single step and detail matters. Yunnan's famous tea mountains: He Kai, Bing Dao, Yi Wu, Ban Zhang, Yi Bang, and Jing Mai provide Tea Tell Truth with the greatest tea resources. Our family has had a strong relationship with tea farmers and tea masters for almost 2 decades. These artisans provide authentic and traditional processing.

The treasure takes time to shine.

The truth needs time to prove.


This cup of tea has been through a few years journey.

(hand-picking, tea processing, compressing, and fermenting)

It is time for the tea to shine and tell you how amazing it is.

We hope that this tea fills you with joy and the respect of this magic leaf who's hard work has created this peaceful moment.

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